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The prophecy

Long ago…before time and matter, a great war between the outer gods raged throughout the ethos; coiling and slithering its way from micro dimension to prodigious universe. It was toward the end of this war the Great Old One, Comedian Gragslore the Omnipotent, a being able to wield wit like a thousand hammers on fractured ground…retreated; slipped through a crack in the fabric of reality.
      He emerged on a harsh rocky planet known as Earth, a place filled with noxious gas and boiling magma. Thus, sensing the absence of a viable standup comedy scene…he slept, until an era when stage time would be plentiful; like the celestial prophecies once foretold.
      Gragslore awoke from his slumber in the human year 2002 in what is presently known as Chicago. But alas, he was too late. The “Great Comedy Boom” had already dissipated not 10 solar cycles prior; so his journey from the beginnings of existence, across the macrocosm had all been in vain.
      And so…now he waits; wondering from open mic to open mic, clawing from showcase room to showcase room, driving in his Toyota Camry from road gig to road gig, until the day the cosmic stars shall align to usher forth his reign once again…and this time, he will reign supreme.



Guy with the beard